CRP on Nanotechnology

SCIENCE-LED developments in agriculture in the country have made significant contributions in the last five decades to enable India in achieving self-sufficiency in food production, and also in ending an era of foodgrain’s imports.

In order to sustain food security and to feed burgeoning population of the country, which is likely to be 1.3 billion by 2050, continued research efforts for development of technologies are imperative. With the 50% of the World’s farming population living in India, the country is striving to raise foodgrain’s production by almost 40%, when yields of major food crops are plateauing, natural resource base is degrading, new biotypes of pests and pathogens are emerging and climate is changing.To mitigate these challenges and to accelerate agricultural production and productivity, processing, value addition, health foods, diagnostics and vaccines for livestock and plant protection, nanotechnology offers many opportunities.
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