Program Structure


Theme 8.1 Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Agricultural Research

1 Synthesis of naked, capped, and quantum nanoparticles of agriuclture and veterinary importance by physical, chemical and biological methods.
2 Synthesis Nano micronutrient for plants, animals, birds and fishes.
3 Synthesis of nanomaterials for targeted delivery of pesticide, micronutrient and other input delivery.
4 Synthesis of nanomaterials for diagnostics, pest management, enhanced agri input efficiency.
5 Synthesis of carbon based fluorescence nanoparticles as probe for early detection of disease of poultry animals and fishes.
6 Characterization of aforesaid nanoparticles by different instruments.

1 Synthesis of naked, capped and quantum nanoparticles.
2 Synthesis of nano micronutrients.
3 Synthesis of nanomaterials based capping agent to prevent leaching of fertilizers in agriculture sector.
4 Synthesis for targeted delivery study of nanopesticides.
5 Synthesis of nanomaterials based drug and delivery to targeted organs in dairy andimals, birds and fishes.
6 Synthesis of different carnbon based fluorescence nanoparticles and their characterization.
7 Synthesis of nano materials by biological means.
8 Physicochemical characterization of all aforesaid nanoparticles by DLS, XRD, FTIR, Zeta sizer, UV Vis spectrophotometer, HRTEM, FE SEM, AFM TGDTA, PL spectra etc.

Theme 8.2 Diagnostic techniques and kits for early detection of disease in crops and horticulture, livestock, poultry latent nutrient hunger and food contaminants.

Objectives :

Development of detection and diagnostic tools for
1. Detection & diagnosis of disease in crops and horticulture.
2. Detection of mycotoxins in foods and feeds.
3. Molecular diagnostics for GM foods.
4. Detection and spread of diseases in dairy animals, poultry birds and fisheries


1 Quick and reliable diagnostics for fungal and bacterial diseases.
2 Quick and reliable diagnostics for viral disease.
3 Quick and reliable diagnostics for Phytoplasmas.
4 Quick detection of diseases in dairy animals, fish and birds.
5 Early diagnosis of latent nutrient hunger in plants
6 Molecular diagnosis of mycotoxins
7 Molecular diagnosis of GM food

Theme 8.3 Insect pest management through nano pheromones and nano formulations

1 Synthesis of nano phenomones, nano bioformulations and nano sensor devices for insect pest management


1 Synthesis of nano pheromones and nano sensor devices.
2 Development of nano bioformulations.

Theme 8.4 Enhanced agri input use efficiency

1 Synthesis characterization and use of nanoparticles for enhancing the efficiency of agri inputs.
2 Development of nano stimulant nano remediation strategies, and smart delivery systems
3 Improveing shelf life of farm implements.

1 Enhancing the efficiency of seed
2 Design and fabrication of nano agricultural inputs
3 Nano based stimulants to alter the physiology of plants and animals
4 Nano remediation strategies
5 Smart delivery systems in plants, dairy, poultry and fisheries
6 Fabrication of farm implements and boats

Theme 8.5 Nano food systems and packaging material

1 Development of protocols and technologies for nano encapsulation of functional ingredients
2 Development of bio nano composite/nanofilms to enhance the shelf life

1 Nano encapsulation of functional ingredients
2 Bio nano composite films for food packaging


Theme 8.6 Biosafety analysis and policy framework

1 To develop bio safety protocols.
2 Policy framework for application of nanotechnology in agriculture.


1 To develop bio safety protocols.
2 Policy framework for application of nanotechnology in agriculture.